Accredited Professional Photographer in Adelaide
(AIPP) Australian Institute of Professional Photography 
Event Photographer Commercial Photographer Portrait Photographer 
in Adelaide South Australia

Andrew Barre Photography is owned and run by Andrew Barre an experienced APP (Accredited Professional Photographer) with the (AIPP) Australian Institute of Professional Photography.


Andrew is an AIPP Qualified Commercial Photographer and Business Photographer in Adelaide

Portrait Photographer in Adelaide, as well as Private and

Corporate Event Photographer in Adelaide, SA and Australia-wide.. :-)


Andrew is available 7 days/week for :

Corporate Headshots in Adelaide/Business Profile packages

Private & Business Portrait Photography, Architecture and all Commercial Photography in Adelaide

ALL Event Photography in Adelaide

We also provide photography services across Australia as required




"I've have had a camera in hand since about age 8 I half recall.

For my Birthday I was given a 126 cartridge film camera by my Mum & Dad.

It also came with blue flash cubes. They had 4 sides on each and moved around as the camera rolled onward I think (if you were lucky) so it had 4 flashes for 4 camera frames (per flash cube).


In High School I of course jumped in to Photography and various Arts, as well as 

English & Tech studies for almost 4 years. I couldn't do mid year exams in 4th Year (Year 11)

 it would have killed me! 

(I received enough As & Bs in my Visual 'Arty subjects' to get me passing previous year levels at least

meanwhile I failed most other subjects dismally )-:


...but thats ok!


"My Photography and Art and showing people great images and seeing them smile was always Gold to me"


Anyway fast forward to digital cameras (I'll fill the rest in later) . . 



I like to have a good understanding of what my clients wants and needs are. I do this by researching, and consulting with your business prior to any Photography session appt. 

I am a people person, an imaging artist and a business professional. I aim to make you and your staff feel as comfortable as possible during our photo sessions.

I offer a standard portrait shoot for clients as well as something a little different if you are game! 

I also provide a large range of business photographic services and products such as prints on perspex (signs, staff team and product images), vehicle signs and magnets, marketing folders and a range of marketing and other materials and tools to make your business look to your customers and stakeholders as important as it is to you.

My website can be found at: 

My email address is:

My direct line is mob: 0422 629 050   (Outside of Australia: +61 422 629 050)

You can also find our business page on Facebook by clicking HERE 

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Andrew Barre Photography
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There is a creative photographer in Adelaide who is well experienced in making great photographic images for a variety of Commercial Photography, Event Photography and Portrait Photography needs. Andrew Barre Photography is a business in Adelaide, owned and operated by Professional Adelaide Photographer Andrew Barre.

Andrew is an experienced photographer with over 20 years of imaging. Photography is his passion; it is his creative art form and it is his business. You can rest assured that no matter what your photography requirements are Andrew can work with you to make images that you will love. Whatever you need to achieve with your photography, be it personal creative portraits, social media or business imaging needs to showcase your product, your team or any event then Andrew can make this happen. He is a true expert in his field.

Andrew has experience in a number of Photographic imaging areas and specialises in his passions in being a creative Commercial Photographer (people, products, interiors & architecture), Event Photographer in Adelaide and a Creative Portrait Photographer for business or personal uses.

Andrews business . . . is people & their business, simple! He will find out about you and your business first. The person you are, the business you run and the style you wish to portray to your clients or customers. Andrew will then go about designing a Creative Photography shoot with you, that suits you or your business and with images that will show you and your venture at its very best as your business grows in to the future.

Andrew Barre Photography are Professional Photographers in Adelaide who always deliver through professional digital imaging, showing your people, your business and your events at their best. Andrews experience, professionalism, and creative ability speaks for itself.

Andrew is also a Registered Professional Photographer with the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photographers), the prominent body of Professional Photographers in Australia. Andrew has a good understanding of Workplace Health & Safety and carries the appropriate public liability insurances to give you peace of mind.

Andrew knows how to capture and match the perfect image to the clients requirements. No matter what look you are going for or what you are trying to communicate through your photographs, Andrew can do it for you. If you are in any business or industry then you will need staff photos, product images, a face of the business complete portfolio or other marketing shots that communicate a message within the images. A certain image or business presence or a desire to help your clients or customers is important to you. If you are in the fashion industry then there is also a message that you are going to want to communicate in your marketing.

No matter what it is that you are after; whether you are in business, you are a model or fashion house, you have an event planned, you may need images for social media or advertising, or simply in need of creative portraits, then Andrew will be able to communicate the kind of message that you are trying to get across to your audience or the type of look you are after.

If you’ve been looking for Photographers in Adelaide then you can count on Andrew to have the skills and ability and creative vision to help you achieve all of your photography imaging needs. You can see more about Andrew Barre Photography here.